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PATH Prevention Organizations

We're preventing truancy and promoting attendance through hope in Scott County schools. 


PATH Prevention comprises two local organizations (TreeHouse & The Katallasso Group) working together to guide and empower students and families in school success. By offering a continuum of care and support for a seamless experience, the PATH Prevention team invests in students and parents through restorative meetings to make agreements, case management, mentoring, family mediation, and support groups for all.


TreeHouse is a nonprofit organization on a mission to end youth hopelessness among teens and families. TreeHouse programs include One-on-One Mentoring, support groups, group outings and activities, and truancy prevention.

To learn more about TreeHouse:


Deb Bodensteiner, Scott County TreeHouse Executive Director

Phone: 952.412.4430



The Katallasso Group is a Restorative Family Mediation™ and Restorative Leadership™ alternative dispute resolution training center equipping and launching family mediators all over Minnesota. They are a direct services provider working with children, youth, and their families experiencing a variety of conflicts including divorce, custody, child welfare, and more.

To learn more about The Katallasso Group:


Lisa J. Welter, Founder/CEO The Katallasso Group

Phone: 651.393.2964


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